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(Tokyo) Pointed Pen Calligraphy - Uppercase (2pm - 6pm)


In recent years, Copperplate calligraphy has been adopted as an umbrella term that is used to describe a range of pointed pen calligraphy styles that is very similar. The key differences between the scripts stem from reasons like origin, key historical events and more. This style is often favoured when legibility for the art piece/project is important. As such, we often see calligraphy (in Copperplate style) being adopted in wedding invites, envelope addressing or in formal correspondence - A large portion of calligraphy works we are being engaged to write for formal invitations/events, requires proficiency in this script.

In our Uppercase workshop, you'll learn the basic shapes that constitute to majuscules. In our majuscules workshops, we categorise the letters according to the type of basic shape each majuscule has. This will help you better understand how the basic strokes are used in majuscules. 


15,000 JPY / 4 hours - Max participants (8 students)
- Light refreshments will be provided


2pm - 6pm
Omotesando (Detailed address to be revealed nearer to date)


  • Calligraphy writing warm ups to train basic muscle memory

  • Learn basic strokes for Majuscules (different from minuscules)

  • Complete practice with guidance from us (Majuscules from letter a-z)

MATERIALS (Take-home materials) 

  • G nib (1) 

  • Intermediate nib (1) - Subject to availability 

  • 30 ml of Calligraphy ink - Higgins Eternal (1)

  • Class Notes - Includes Nic's personal notes on the analysis of Majuscules Basic Strokes (1 set)

  • Class Practice Sheets (1 set)

  • Handwritten Copperplate Exemplar (1)


  • Different types of Calligraphy inks that we have on hand to try out. Perfect if you’re unsure which inks you’d like to get before making your purchases at the art-stores

  • Selected books that we love to study for Copperplate and some penmen’s works that I study from will be brought for our students to view.


*Majuscule (uppercase) only*