Our studio

Nicnkotori is a Contemporary Western Calligraphy Studio that started in Perth, Western Australia 2016. Today, it is based in sunny Singapore.

Our studio specialises in traditional, contemporary and experimental pointed pen calligraphy works. We have served a variety of local and overseas clients primarily through teaching workshops, event-related activations and bespoke commissioned artworks. Our calligraphy workshops have also been taught in Asia - Japan, Malaysia and Singapore. 

Some of our select clients that engaged us for bespoke calligraphy artworks big or small include: Hugo Boss, Tiffany & Co., Stefanie Parfumerie, Jimmy Choo, Shiseido Paris, Mulberry , Hermes, and more.


Our Founder

Nichole Tin is a Singapore-based Calligraphy artist and co-founder of a calligraphy and hand-lettering artist collective: Scribblers Collective. 

Having lived in Australia for 9 years long, the western cultures coupled with her life experience growing up in multiple South East Asia cities, brought her much appreciation for the western art. 

Although her calligraphy area of speciality lies in Copperplate Calligraphy, specifically English Roundhand, she occasionally dabbles in contemporary styles which is also well-liked by her clients.


Select clients

Lovely people we have worked with