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I'm Nichole Tin (or people usually call me by Nic). I'm a calligrapher and designer based in Singapore.

On a day-to-day basis, I wear several hats - working on creative projects like websites, branding, creative and art direction, to managing business.

On other days, I am an independent calligraphy artist and illustrator, as many would better identify me as my alter ego :@nicnkotori

My area of speciality lies in Copperplate Calligraphy, specifically  English Roundhand. This script was the first writing style that changed my perception of this craft and I no longer viewed Calligraphy as "writing". It is in fact more than just writing.  I will always remain a student of this script with the aim to write with historical accuracy.  There are many instances where I switched my writing style up a little when working on projects so that the writing can fit the purpose or brief of the project better. 

I have met many beautiful people along the way and have found people who share similar interests and visions towards this craft. Hence, together with two of my other friends S & J, we founded a Singapore-based artist collective  known as the Scribblers Collective  (SC).

Today, under SC we have 7 artists working hand in hand from projects small to big. The countless clients we had worked with, art residencies and exhibitions we had gone through as a team, as well as the number of members of the public we have reached out to by sharing our craft through paid and volunteer workshops, meeting and working alongside them has made my artist journey most rewarding. 

There may be times where my calligraphy works are an extension of the bigger creative projects that I do under other alias, but this site is dedicated to the creative works that is related to all things calligraphy - for @nicnkotori.

If you're up for good coffee and enjoy what I do, drop me mail!

p.s. Also, if you are still not convinced that calligraphy is more than just writing, I am ready to make you see this craft in a different light when we meet. ;)


Nichole Tin

Member of @scribblerscollective

x, Nic



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