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SC Collaboration Workshop with The Hive: Introduction to Copperplate Calligraphy

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In recent years, Copperplate calligraphy has been adopted as an umbrella term that is used to describe a range of pointed pen calligraphy styles that is very similar. The key differences between the scripts stem from reasons like origin, key historical events and more.

In our revamped workshop series, our Introduction to Generic Copperplate will walk you through a few selected Copperplate styles and understand some basic fundamental differences between the different hands. This will help you be more aware of what to look out for. Subsequently, you will learn how to form basic strokes, form letters and words in a chosen Copperplate style depending on the artist that is teaching the session.

MATERIALS (Take-home)

  • G nib (1)

  • Calligraphy Holder (Oblique & straight holder) (1)

  • Small Glass bottle of Higgins Eternal Ink (1)

  • Class Notes - Includes Personal notes by our Calligrapher on the analysis of Copperplate Basic Strokes (1 set)

  • Class Practice Sheets (1 set)

  • Handwritten Copperplate Exemplar (1)

Duration: 3 hours
Teacher: Nichole T - See our Calligrapher's profile and Instagram here
Max Class size: 12
Workshop fee: $125/pax + Complimentary one-time access to our bi-monthly clinic session
Frequency: Held once or twice a month.

The Hive, Lavender
Nearest train station: 3 mins walk from Bendemeer/ Lavender

Nichole @NicNKotori is the Scribblers Collective's Roundhand expert. She has spent countless hours studying the fine intricacies of the script, and has extensive experience with the dip pen. She also has an eye for detail in design, and is responsible for all visuals in the Scribblers Collective. To date, her works were featured in both print and online media like Harpers' Bazaar and also collaborates with brands. Her calligraphy style is known to be (quoted by media)" traditional yet romantic and exquisite altogether!".